Elsa has gone to spend the vacation with her cousins. She has a big garden in which there are apple trees. She carried so many apples to the cousins. They are in love with the fruits. Everyone is having a great time. Don’t you feel envy of the unity of the family? You can join them provided you make delicious chunky cheesecake brownies. At present they have gone to the beach after which they will go to the theatre. So you have enough time to prepare the tempting brownies. You have the ingredients in the kitchen. You also have Elsa in the kitchen. She decided to stay back and help you out in cooking. Do things as she prompts. Be faithful to whatever says. Only then chunky cheesecake brownies will have a good taste. Surprise the family with the yummy brownies. Last but not least thank the gorgeous lady who helped you out to prepare the mouth-watering cheesecake brownies.