Girls, do you like pet? What pet do you like? And can you help them take a bath or help them clean the wounds as doctor clean the wounds? If you can, play the girl games help Elsa take care of the dog! She is very worried about her dogs and she need you help now. Come on! You can choose a cute dog you like, before you help it. Fitst step, help the dog clean the mud with towels. And then, help the dog clean and treat the wounds. According to the hints, it is very easy for you to finish the game. If you are busy, you can skip this step. Second step, help the dog take a bath. It likes bathing, and it will be very happy. There are many bath liquid it likes, so use them according to the hints. At last, you can help the dog dress up, it will be very happy and Elsa will be very grateful to you. Have fun!