Lovely Lina's counting on your help! She's just adopted an adorable kitty and she needs your help for giving the sweet little bundle of fur a royal pamper, for entertaining her and getting her styled up from head to paw, as well. Start by getting her fur washed up, through and through, then towel dry it and blow dry it, as well, help her brush the kitty’s teeth, as well, and cut her nails, then... pamper her some more. Once Lina has placed her adorable kitten onto her new comfy crib, help her apply a dust of powder on the kitty's fur, then gently massage a special body lotion into her fur, as well, thus getting it such a silky soft look! Could you deny that this one of those kitty cuteness-overloaded pet grooming games online? Then... it's playtime! Step into this highly spoiled kitty's toy room and click on the specific toys that she'd like you to use for entertaining her. Start with the little golden toy bell, then... Last but surely not least you'll be having fun giving Lina's new lovely pet a lovely chic fashion look! Dig through the pretty little fluency skirts and baby pants collections, through the babydoll blouses collection, as well, and keep in mind to finish off Kitty's look with a gorgeous collar, too!