Madeline Hatter is a powerful girl and everyone loves her abundantly. She is unlike the others. She always comes up with the positives of person rather than pinpointing the mistakes of others. To tell you more about her, she is fond of drinking tea. Every time she sips tea, she would relish the moment. The father of Madeline has a tea-shop which is in the village of Book end. She derives immense pleasure working in the shop. As usual, she has gone to the tea-shop to spend some time with her siblings. After she comes from the shop, she has to clean up her messy room. If you lend your hand, she can be relieved from the hectic schedule. Clean up the room before she comes. The room will look awkward until you give a spring cleaning. Dispose the waste items in the garbage. Complete cleaning the room within the time given to you. The father of the girl might come at anytime. So clean the room before he comes. Thank you so much for your timely help.