Rochelle Goyle’s upbringing might have made her to be aggressive by nature but she has soft feelings too and this can be seen from her relationship with Garrott DuRoque or when she is attracted to Deuce Gorgon when he is romantically linked with Cleo de Nile. This is because of the gap between Rochelle Goyle and Garrott DuRoque as she had to move to USA to join monster high school. Now Garrott has come to the USA to meet his sweet heart Rochelle Goyle and revive their relationship. They are going on a dinner date and therefore Rochelle wants to look the best in her formidable self. As you know that she likes a combination of modern and old elements, dress up her in chic outfits with elegant accessories that she looks adorable and she has lovely pink hair which can made even more beautiful with a perfect hairdo. Let the chemistry of love work between them because of your dressing skills. Have fun!