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Have you heard of the famous fame princess Sofia? It is high time you should have known about the princess. She is known for her hygienic way of living. She would do the cleaning herself. Though she has innumerable maid servants, she would not let anyone clean her room. She is known for her unique attitude towards life. Tomorrow is New Year. Everywhere is the songs of joy and celebration. On the streets one can hear the song that goes like this, ‘’ New Year has come, come let’s celebrate...’’. The princess has so many works to do. Some of them would be, purchasing, going to the beauty parlour, visiting friends, decorating the house, and making greetings and so on. The girl will be glad if share the burden. All that you have to do is to clean the room spick and span. Only after cleaning the room, she can do the interior decor. She is ready to accept your help wholeheartedly. Thank you so much for helping your friend. This moral virtue of helping others will become part and parcel of your life throughout this year and forever.

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Use mouse to play this game.

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